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Natural Gas Products

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Natural Gas Logs

Natural gas fireplace equipment uses natural-looking gas logs and a controllable gas burner to create a life-like fire. Once natural gas logs are placed in configuration, they need no more adjustments and will never burn away. Natural gas logs provide convenience, cleanliness and safety in a variety of ways.

One Time Set-up

Gas logs and fireplaces need to be set up only once. This means there are no logs to carry in and no ashes to carry out.

Always Ready

With the flip of a switch, or the turn of a dial, gas logs and fireplaces provide instant ambiance and in many cases, heat. And, when the fireplace has served its purpose, a switch or dial shuts the logs off.

Less Polluting

Because there is minimal combustion, there is less pollution and the creosote build-up in the chimney is minimal.


There are no surprising sparks or hot ashes with natural gas logs.

A Variety of Styles

Gas fireplaces are very similar to wood-burning fireplaces that are vented outside, but they include the gas logs. Offered in a variety of styles and configurations, natural gas logs and fireplaces are ideal for almost any situation.

  • Fireplace Inserts are prepared units made to fit into an existing fireplace.
  • Stand-alone gas fireplaces are typically free-standing units with doors.
  • Most units produce radiant heat and some have blowers and heat exchangers.
  • Gas logs are made to look like wood logs and are installed in an existing fireplace with a chimney. The chimney damper and the glass doors should be open when logs are burning.

Remote Switch

Similar to your television set, some natural gas log sets come with a remote that allows you to turn the flame on and off. A few remotes even feature flame adjustment.

A Variety of Features

Features that are offered on gas fireplace and log sets include variable settings, which allows for control of the flame height, and a thermostat, which allow for control of the temperature.

Yearly Average Consumption

12 mcf/year.

Watch this informative video to learn more about natural gas fireplaces.

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