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Tips to Conserve Energy and Reduce Natural Gas Bills

Thursday, January 23, 2014
Columbia Gas of Ohio reminds customers that there is still time to conserve natural gas and increase home comfort with simple tips. Steps taken today can have an immediate impact.

With approximately 75% of a wintertime natural gas bill comprised of the cost of natural gas, the best way to impact and lower natural gas bills is to lower consumption. By utilizing several, simple to install options, the extreme cold does not have to translate to soaring natural gas bills.

The Columbia Gas bill is no longer based on the volume of gas delivered, which actually saves customers money by helping reduce bills when consumption is highest

Additionally, there are several simple, do-it-yourself opportunities consumers can utilize to impact natural gas consumption and increase home comfort, including:
  • Set your thermostat back five degrees while you're asleep or away from the house for eight hours or more. Or, install an automatic setback thermostat so you won't forget to adjust the temperature. It can slice as much as eight to 10 percent from the amount of energy used to heat your home.
  • Turn off exhaust vents as soon as they've done their job.
  • Keep doors on attached garages closed.
  • Seal large air leaks that whistle on windy days, especially around piping and vent openings in sidewalls.
  • Buy water heater blankets.
  • Wash clothes in cold or warm water instead of hot. Never rinse in warm, if your clothes don't rinse in cold, you're using the wrong detergent.
  • Clean and replace filters on your furnace, air conditioner and heating pump. Replace your furnace filter each month or according to the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Insulate hot water pipes and ducts, especially in unheated areas.
Columbia Gas also offers several energy efficiency programs for all income levels. These programs provide for a home energy inspection or audit, and safety checks of natural gas appliances. The programs also provide additional incentives to implement recommendations made by the professional energy auditors. More information is available at Save Energy & Money!

Natural gas prices remain low, however many homeowners may be struggling to pay their heating bills. Customers should contact Columbia Gas at 1-800-344-4077, at the first sign that they may have difficulty paying their home heating bills. There are several payment plans and options available for customers.

Columbia Gas of Ohio safely delivers clean and efficient natural gas to approximately 1.4 million customers in 61 of Ohio’s 88 counties. With headquarters in Columbus, it is one of the seven energy distribution companies of NiSource Inc. (NYSE: NI) and is the largest natural gas utility in the state. NiSource companies deliver energy to approximately 3.8 million customers located within the high-demand energy corridor stretching from the Gulf Coast through the Midwest to New England. 

For information about natural gas safety and what to do if you suspect a gas leak, go to SafeGasOhio.org