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Creating pollinator paradises

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Pollinators need a helping hand, so we’ve converted some of our pipeline right of way corridors into pollinator paradises. Take a video tour as we celebrate National Pollinator Week, June 18-24.

Bees, butterflies and other pollinators are essential for producing much of our food, as well as making our world more beautiful. According to pollinator.org, about one third of what we eat is affected by pollinators, ensuring full harvests and contributing to healthy ecosystems. But pollinators are threatened by loss of habitat, pesticides and disease.

We’ve filled some of our right of way corridors with plants pollinators love, like milkweed. These corridors protect our pipes below ground, while providing food and habitat above. The goal is to help pollinators rebuild their numbers – and help Ohio farmers and gardeners.

We're committed to serving our communities in a way that’s environmentally responsible. Our program to replace aging gas lines is contributing to a substantial reduction in methane emissions (as well as a nearly 40% drop in gas leaks). Our energy efficiency programs also significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions. And, we can’t forget work of our employee volunteers who plant trees, clean up waterways, teach composting and more.