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Liberty helps Wayne keep your service reliable

Friday, July 27, 2018

You’ve probably seen lots of Columbia Gas employees. But there’s only one like Liberty. She’s a service dog.

Wayne and his dog Liberty“She helps me stay calm and focused,” says Wayne Rummel, a measurement and regulation technician in southern Ohio. Liberty keeps watch on Wayne at work and at home, alerting him when someone approaches and even waking him when he experiences a nightmare. He adopted Liberty about a year ago, and her training continues through the Wags 4 Warriors program.

“I would 100 percent recommend a service dog for any veteran who might need one,” Wayne says.

Safety is top of mind for all employees, and Liberty is no exception. She has a special harness to allow her to ride safely in Wayne’s work truck. When her service dog vest is on, she’s all business. But at the end of the work day, Liberty relaxes and plays with Wayne’s children and his other dog, a boxer.

Wayne joined the U.S. Air Force straight out of high school, serving three deployments in the Middle East. Now, he – and Liberty – maintain equipment that keeps gas flowing to customers. “I couldn’t ask for a better company to work for,” Wayne says. “The company has been nothing but supportive.”