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Stay Safe and Warm as the Seasons Change

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Fall is here and that means winter is right around the corner and we want to help keep you safe and warm this heating season with the following tips:

  • It’s not too late for an inspection. Call a qualified professional to check your furnace, water heater, and other gas appliances. A tune-up will keep them working safely and efficiently.
  • Test your carbon monoxide (CO) and smoke detectors. If you don’t have a CO detector, now is the time to get one. Some CO detectors may also serve as a smoke detector.
  • Before you use your fireplace for extra heat, make sure to get your chimney cleaned. A clean chimney will prevent a chimney fire or a build-up of CO in your home. Make sure to call a certified chimney sweep.
  • Don’t let snow or ice cover your meter. Gently remove them with your hands or a broom. Never hit or kick the meter.
  • Keep all appliances with air intakes free of snow and ice.