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Just Another Day in Findlay...Or Not

Friday, March 03, 2017
Tuesday, February 21 was supposed to just be another day for Columbia Gas of Ohio Brad and Dallasemployees, Dallas Meeker and Brad Roynon. They attended an employee meeting before heading out to their jobs for the day. This meeting happened to be the annual inspection and filling of everyone’s fire extinguishers. 

Brad and Dallas took their freshly inspected fire extinguisher with them to their first job in Findlay.

They had just finished the gas work, Dallas was in the ditch testing for any leaks, and Brad was monitoring from above. They had their fire extinguisher next to the ditch, as is required per Columbia Gas standards. 

That’s when their typical day in Findlay ended.

Suddenly, a woman came running out of the house in front of where they had been working. She was screaming that her attached garage was on fire. Brad and Dallas could see black smoke pouring out of the garage door that she had just opened. The woman was running toward her cars, one parked in the driveway and another in the garage, trying to get them out of the fire’s path.

Brad and Dallas didn’t hesitate, Brad stopped the woman and asked if there was anyone else in the house, she replied that her two year old daughter was still inside. Brad ran in the house to find the little girl.

Meanwhile, Dallas ran to the truck to get his phone and called 911. He then grabbed their fire extinguisher and ran to the garage. At this point, the flames looked like they were climbing the wall.

Brad found the little girl and brought her outside to the curb.

Dallas extinguished the flames while Brad tried to console the woman and her daughter.

The whole incident was over in less than three minutes, when the fire department arrived a few moments later, they tested the area and deemed that Brad and Dallas’ quick actions saved the structure from significant damage.

“I have nothing but kudos for these guys. The simple fact was that they called 911 first before doing anything else,” shared Mike Baxter, Columbia Gas Field Operations Leader, “they were clearly the right people in the right place at the right time.”

Dallas and Brad credit their training at Columbia Gas for helping them to act so quickly and effectively.

They certainly were in the right place at the right time on this very special day in Findlay.