Billing & Payment Options

Billing & Payment Options

Using the Budget Payment Plan

If your home is heated with natural gas, the Budget Payment Plan can help you spread the cost of winter heating over the entire year. This way, you pay equal slices of your annual heating bill each month. Many customers like this plan because it helps them to manage their household expenses.

To set your budget amount, we take the amount of gas used at your address in the past year and adjust it for normal weather. This allows us to even out the effects of unusually colder or warmer temperatures to get a more accurate picture of your typical gas use. We then multiply your annual consumption by the current and projected cost of gas over the next year and divide that total by 12.

The budget year runs from August through July. Paying the budget amount shown on your August bill will automatically start you on the plan. Although you can sign up at any time by calling us, each month you delay will increase your monthly budget amount somewhat since there are fewer months to spread your costs in the current budget year that began in August. We review your account on a regular basis to make sure your budget amount is accurate for your current gas use.

Three easy ways to enroll!

  • To join at the beginning of the budget year, simply pay the budget amount shown on your August bill and you'll be automatically enrolled in the program.
  • If your account is current, you can also enroll online anytime. Just log in to your account to find out what your budget amount will be and follow the easy steps to enroll.
  • You can also enroll by phone anytime by calling us at 1-800-344-4077.