Standard Choice Offer

Standard Choice Offer

The SCO – What You Should Know

As a Columbia Gas of Ohio customer, you can choose who supplies the natural gas that Columbia delivers to your home or business. Your options include buying gas at Columbia’s Standard Choice Offer (SCO) rate, or from an alternative supplier through the company's Customer CHOICE® program.

The Standard Choice Offer (SCO) is a regulated price available to all customers without shopping. SCO customers see this term and the name of an SCO gas supplier on their bills. Percentage of Income Payment Plan Plus customers do not see a supplier name on their bill.

Each SCO supplier charges the same monthly price for natural gas. If a friend or neighbor is receiving service from a different SCO supplier, both SCO customers pay the same price for their natural gas.

The SCO price is set by a competitive auction, overseen by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) and is adjusted monthly based on natural gas market prices. Our SCO Questions & Answers document explains how the auction works and addresses other common questions.

The key features of the SCO are:

  • Your gas supply will be provided by an alternative gas supplier, instead of Columbia Gas
  • You'll see the name of a gas supplier on your bill
  • Like CHOICE® customers, you'll be charged Ohio sales tax on your natural gas purchases
If you are exempt from paying sales taxes, you will need to submit proper documentation to your SCO supplier. You may visit www.Tax.Ohio.Gov/Forms to obtain the Certificate of Exemption form you need.

If you'd like to take an active role in your natural gas purchases, you can shop directly for an alternative supplier through the Customer CHOICE® program. (You may also participate in CHOICE® through your community's natural gas aggregation program, if it has one). The CHOICE® program includes many suppliers and multiple pricing options, including fixed prices not available through the SCO.