Automated Meter Reading

Automated Meter Reading

Doing More For You

As part of its plan to do more for customers by improving service and convenience, Columbia Gas of Ohio is upgrading the way it reads natural gas meters by installing a radio-based Automated Meter Reading System (AMR). Installation of this new technology was authorized by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio as part of Columbia's recently approved base rate case.

The new AMR system will be installed on most residential and commercial meters across Columbia's service territory over approximately five years beginning in early 2009. It will allow the company to eventually eliminate every-other-month estimated meter readings and obtain an actual monthly meter reading. Technicians from Columbia or our subcontractor will install the electronic equipment necessary to read natural gas meters using radio technology from a vehicle. As the specially equipped vehicle drives by, it will send a signal to the AMR device on your meter, which then transmits the meter reading data to a computer in the vehicle. All technicians will have uniforms, photo identification and marked vehicles.

There is no separate charge for the installation of the AMR device and the majority of customers will not have their service interrupted during the AMR installation procedure. The procedure takes about 20 minutes and in most cases does not require the technician to enter the home or business. Any customer requiring an additional upgrade to their gas meter assembly so the AMR will work will be contacted in order to make an appointment to minimize the disruption of natural gas service.


Notice to Customers:

The AMR program is a phased program starting in northwest Ohio and then expanding to other parts of the Columbia Gas service territory over the next five years. Customers will be notified by mail approximately one month before work is expected to begin in their community. Until that notification takes place, we will be unable to confirm when we will be in specific neighborhoods. We thank you for your cooperation.