Natural Gas Line Replacement

Natural Gas Line Replacement

Frequently Asked Questions

We realize that projects of this scope often raise a lot of questions, and we're committed to answering all of them. Along with the information provided here, the best way to get answers to specific questions is to speak to Columbia's construction coordinator located in the project area once construction begins. 

Why do you need to move my meter?
Having an outdoor meter eliminates the need for us to enter your home to read your meter.  It also eliminates the risk of shut-off due to access issues. This is a convenience to our customers.

Will you need to dig in my yard - and if so, who's going to fix it?
Because all natural gas pipelines are buried, some digging will be necessary. We pledge to do as little digging as possible. Please be assured that Columbia Gas will restore any landscaping or disruptions to property that occur as a result of the work as soon as weather permits. Initial restoration, such as leveling of surfaces, will be completed as the project progresses.

Will I have to pay for this replacement?
The cost of building, maintaining and replacing the pipeline system is shared by all customers and is part of the monthly bill you pay. You won’t have to pay specifically for this improvement to your neighborhood.   

How can I get answers to my specific questions?
You can ask the Columbia Gas representative who will be in your neighborhood while a project is underway, call our customer service center at 800-344-4077 or check out our Replacing Your Pipeline Video