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Columbia Gas will invest approximately $138 million to upgrade more than 146 miles of natural gas main lines and over 17,000 customer service lines in Ohio. This work is part of an ongoing commitment by the company to enhance customer safety with over 100 major gas line replacement projects this year.

“Since this program started, the number of leaks has fallen by almost 40 percent,” said Columbia Gas President, Dan Creekmur. “Our priority is keeping homeowners and businesses safe. These projects allow us to further invest in our communities, and it helps us provide reliable service.”

These projects are part of the company’s larger 25 year program to invest more than $2 billion to replace over 4,000 miles of pipeline across the state.

Three projects have been completed this year with 38 projects currently in progress. In addition, 65 projects will start at a later date during the year.

Construction is currently on-going in the following areas:

  • Southern/Eastern Ohio: 30
  • Columbus: 25
  • Northeast Ohio: 23
  • North Central Ohio: 16
  • Toledo: 14
  • Springfield: 8

Upon completion, customers will have a fully modernized gas system with added safety features, such as:

Excess flow valves (EFV): Customer service lines will have EFVs which are designed to automatically restrict the flow of natural gas if a service line is damaged or broken.

Exterior meters: Customers with indoor meters will have their meters relocated to the exterior to help first responders shut off gas in an emergency.

Plastic pipe: This specially designed plastic pipe replaces bare steel and cast iron which has a longer life and requires less maintenance.

Since 2008, Columbia Gas has paid close to $100 million in additional property taxes in Ohio, which directly supports local governments and schools. The support of local communities is a direct result of new investment into gas lines infrastructure that replaces aging, depreciated pipe.

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