Wayne and Lindy Manor Resident

Wayne Rummel, a Columbia Gas technician in Ironton, Ohio, went beyond his normal job duties to help an Ironton resident display the American flag.

Wayne recently was driving in Ironton, in southern Ohio, when he noticed Larry Markins struggling to display an American flag outside his door. Without hesitation, Wayne pulled over to ask if he could help hang the flag.

Larry, a resident of Lindy Manor, an assisted living center for seniors, was delighted to have Wayne's help. After noticing Larry had the incorrect mounts to properly display the flag, Wayne was able to use zip ties to keep the flag in place.

“Being a veteran, I felt it was my duty to stop and help this man," Wayne said.

Thanks to Wayne's assistance, Old Glory is proudly flying outside of Lindy Manor for all residents and passersby to admire.

This Independence Day and beyond, we salute and thank Wayne, his fellow veterans and all active military members.

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