Honoring a veteran

Humble, caring, dedicated, family-focused, veteran. These are just a few of the words family and friends use to describe Mike Douglas.

Mike DouglasMike worked for Columbia Gas for 33 years, holding several positions over the years, the most recent being an on-the-job-training coach in Ohio. After retiring in March of 2019, Mike passed away unexpectedly just a month later.

“Mike was truly humble in everything he did,” said Brian Collins, operations center manager in Toledo and long-time co-worker and friend to Mike. “He was always watchful for safety and willing to lend a helping hand to whoever needed it. I can only imagine the number of Columbia Gas employees he made an impact on over the past 33 years.”

Honoring veterans
Mike’s other passion when it came to Columbia Gas: honoring and supporting his fellow veterans. Mike served in the United States Coast Guard at the USCG Station Cedar Point, Sandusky, from 1975-79. He made it a point to hold collection drives, support local veterans groups, and acknowledge his veteran co-workers.

“Mike was so proud to be a veteran. But even more, he loved supporting other veterans, especially those in need,” said Theresa Douglas, Mike’s wife. “He was always involved in projects, big or small, to honor those who served our country. And he loved involving his fellow Columbia Gas colleagues in these efforts.

Arlington National Cemetery
It was this passion that led Theresa and her family to choose Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, VA as Mike’s final resting place. It is the final resting place for more than 400,000 active duty service members, veterans and their families. Mike’s service, which included full military honors, was conducted in Arlington just a few weeks ago on October 11.

“It was a beautiful, humbling ceremony,” Theresa said. “Three of our four children were able to attend and three grandchildren were present as well.  The Navy chaplain conducted the service and it was special day our family will hold close to our hearts. Mike would be pleased to know he is among such great heroes.

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