Payment & Billing Options

 Payment & Billing Options

Enroll in the Budget Payment Plan

  • Spread your winter heating costs throughout a full year.
  • Know how much you can expect to pay each month.
  • Have more money available during the holidays.

How it Works

We calculate your budget payment amount by reviewing the gas usage history at your address, 30-year normal weather, and the present and estimated cost of natural gas. Sometimes, weather conditions and swings in the price of natural gas can have an unexpected impact on your gas usage and your actual bill amount. We'll review your budget account in August and March, and will adjust your payment, if necessary, to keep your actual balance as current as possible.

The budget year begins in August and runs through July. Simply pay the budget payment amount indicated on your August bill and you'll be enrolled in the program automatically. If you enroll after August, your payment will be higher as there are fewer months remaining to spread winter heating costs. So, it’s a good idea to enroll as early as possible.

Three Easy Ways to Enroll

  • Bill payment – Your budget amount will appear on your August bill. If your account is past-due, the amount overdue will be included in the first month's payment amount. Simply pay that amount for your natural gas service, plus any charges for optional services, and you'll be enrolled automatically.
  • Online - You can enroll online anytime. Just log in to your Columbia Gas account to find out what your budget amount will be and follow the easy steps to enroll.
  • By phone – You can enroll by calling us at 1-800-344-4077.