Ways To Save

Ways To Save

What is a Home Energy Audit?

A Home Energy Audit is a comprehensive, in-home energy assessment that identifies where your home is wasting energy. During the Audit, one of our trained energy advisors will walk through your home to identify ways you can conserve energy and save money, so you're comfortable in your home year-round.

What Does a Home Energy Audit Include?

Our Home Energy Audit costs $50 for a three-hour assessment (a $500 value) and includes:

  • A blower door test to locate and measure air leaks in your homeHEA - Extended 1
  • A combustion efficiency analyzer to check your natural gas appliances for safety and efficiency
  • Infrared photography or thermal imaging to pinpoint areas of your home where you may need more insulation or where there may be air leaks
  • A draft test to determine if your natural gas appliances properly vent HEA - Extended 2
  • A safety check of gas lines in your home for leaks
  • Installation of free energy efficient items like lightbulbs (LED), showerheads and a programmable thermostat

 Your Home Energy Audit Report

After the assessment, your energy advisor will compile your home's energy performance and share a personalized report for you, which will include:

  • Details on your home's overall energy efficiency and where energy waste occurs in your home
  • Any health and safety concerns, or repairs that should be made
  • Energy efficiency improvements that can be made to your home
  • Rebates and discounts for your recommended energy efficiency upgrades
  • A list of pre-qualified contractors who can install your upgrades with the rebates and discounts provided in your report*

If you decide not to install any of your recommended improvements, there's no cost to you aside from the $50 for the energy audit. However, your rebates are only available for a limited time, so we encourage you to take action once you have your recommendations.

*Contractors are pre-qualified because they must meet training and equipment guidelines to ensure the quality of the work that is completed.

Ready to Schedule Your Audit?

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