Save Energy & Money!

Save Energy & Money!


What’s different about a Columbia Gas of Ohio ENERGY STAR® New Home?

ENERGY STAR Qualified New Homes employ proven technologies and advanced building practices to use approximately 15 to 30 percent less energy than conventionally built homes. Through a combination of additional requirements, Columbia Gas of Ohio and AEP Ohio are working together to promote energy performance that meets and exceeds these levels in homes that participate under the Columbia Gas of Ohio ENERGY STAR New Homes program.

The comfort and efficiency of a home in any price range or style can be improved through advanced building practices, enhanced insulation, performance tested ducts and “building envelope” air sealing, mechanical ventilation, higher efficiency and properly sized heating and cooling systems, and ENERGY STAR appliances, lighting, and windows.

Homeowners Experience

Lower energy bills
Spend less on your energy bills every month, every year that you own your home.

Improved comfort
A Columbia Gas of Ohio ENERGY STAR New Home will be warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, free from drafts, quieter and more durable.

Peace of mind
Columbia Gas of Ohio ENERGY STAR New Homes must pass third-party inspection, testing and energy modeling by an energy Rater certified under the Home Energy Rating System (HERS®).

A healthier living environment
Mechanical ventilation systems promote better indoor air quality.

Environmental benefits
More-efficient homes help mitigate global climate change by producing fewer harmful emissions, and reduce associated health costs due to chronic respiratory ailments.

For more information, contact MaGrann Associates, program management contractor for the AEP Ohio/Columbia Gas ENERGY STAR New Homes program at or call 1-877-771-5506.

If you are a builder or Home Energy Rater, please click on the following links for additional information on becoming involved in the program.

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