Ways To Save

Ways To Save

Ways to Save

ways-to-save-landing-your homeSavings for Your Home

Take our free, online Home Energy Checkup to get customized recommendations

Get an in-home energy audit ($50), plus generous discounts on insulation and more

Income eligible customers can receive free home weatherization

View everyday energy saving tips

ways-to-save-landing-new homesSavings for New Homes

Build energy efficiency into your new home for improved quality, comfort and savings

ways-to-save-landing-productsSavings on Products

Check out discounts on a new, high efficiency furnace or boiler

Get rebates on programmable thermostats, efficient showerheads and faucet aerators

ways-to-save-landing businessSavings for Business

Get custom energy efficiency incentives for improvements to businesses & institutions

Get custom energy efficiency incentives for small business construction projects