Standard Choice Offer

Standard Choice Offer

Information about changes to Columbia's balancing fees

As your natural gas utility, Columbia Gas of Ohio is responsible for operating its distribution pipeline system to ensure gas flows safely and reliably to its 1.4 million customers. CHOICE® and Standard Choice Offer (SCO) suppliers deliver quantities of gas to Columbia Gas of Ohio for their customers on a daily basis.  The differences between actual consumption and the quantities delivered by the suppliers are managed by Columbia Gas of Ohio through its "balancing" service.

Historically, Columbia has billed CHOICE® and Standard Choice Offer (SCO) suppliers for the costs of this service, and the "balancing" fee was a component of the rates that these suppliers charged Columbia Gas of Ohio customers.

Effective in April 2013, the "balancing" fee will be billed directly to Columbia Gas customers. The new fee is $.27 per 1,000 cubic feet (Mcf) of natural gas used, a reduction of $.05 per Mcf from the previous rate. On a per 100 cubic feet (Ccf) basis, the fee is $.027.

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) has directed natural gas suppliers to remove the "balancing" fee from the rates they charge customers, effective in April 2013.  This is to ensure that customers are not double-billed for these charges.

The "balancing" fee will not be listed as a separate line item on customer bills. Instead, it will be one component of the existing "Usage Based Charges" line item on page 2 of your Columbia Gas bill. 

Customers with questions about gas supplier rates should contact their supplier. Your supplier's contact information is listed on your Columbia Gas of Ohio bill.

"Balancing" fee changes are detailed in the PUCO's Jan.9, 2013 order in Case No. 11-2637-GA-EXM.  You may review the order on the commission's website at