Standard Choice Offer

Standard Choice Offer

Why does Columbia have the Standard Choice Offer?

The Standard Choice Offer is another step in the evolution of natural gas pricing to a market-driven system.

Traditionally, natural gas utilities purchased gas from producers and then sold the commodity directly to their customers. Market forces were only one factor in determining prices under that system.

In recent years, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) has encouraged gas utilities to move to auction-based pricing systems, which directly reflect market conditions, attract more suppliers to a utility's service territory, increase competition and could lead to lower natural gas prices.

Two other Ohio gas utilities, Dominion East Ohio Gas and Vectren Energy Delivery, also have a Standard Choice Offer price.

Other gas supply options

Keep in mind that the Standard Choice Offer is only one gas supply option for Columbia Gas of Ohio customers.

You may shop on your own for an alternative supplier through Columbia's Customer CHOICE® program.

If you live in a community with a natural gas aggregation program, you may participate in CHOICE® through your municipality's negotiated rate with its supplier.

No matter which supply gas option you choose, you will remain a Columbia Gas of Ohio customer. As your gas utility company, Columbia will continue to deliver natural gas to your home or business, respond to emergencies, answer your calls about utility service, offer payment plans, read meters and send your monthly bill.

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