Get Natural Gas

Need Gas for a New Building Development?

Start by submitting a Natural Gas Project Request and one of our representatives will respond within one business day after receiving the request. Or call us at 800-440-6111 and one of our company representatives will guide you through the process.


Need Service Line or Meter at an Existing Development?

Please complete a Natural Gas Service Line & Meter Request for each and every service to be installed. Or call us at 1-800-440-6111.


We pledge to install your tap and service line within 10 business days when:

  • You tell us your site meets our site readiness requirements. If your site is not ready when we arrive, you will need to call us again and the 10 day cycle will reset.
  • We receive any necessary permits.
  • Our pledge applies to residential and small commercial service (we’ll let you know up-front if your service requirements exceed these guidelines).
  • Does not apply to mainline extensions and associated taps.
  • Columbia Gas will not accept applications for new services unless the foundation is in and backfilled within 6” of final grade.
  • Normal meter installation takes place within 2-5 business days of your request. Once we install the meter, we will turn on the gas.