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Community News

Jobs Growth Fund 

The Columbia Gas of Ohio Jobs Growth Fund is a $1.55 million grant program created to support economic development throughout Columbia's 25,400 square mile service area in Ohio.

The Jobs Growth Fund is Designed to

  • Promote job creation throughout Columbia's service territory
  • Support local and regional economic development organizations in Columbia's service area
  • Provide a source of capital to finalize the funding necessary to attract jobs
  • Leverage private and public sector funds to assist businesses

Capital from the Jobs Growth Fund may be utilized by an existing company or one looking to expand into the Columbia Gas service territory, and will be used to leverage other available grants and sources of funding.These funds may only be used to support projects within Columbia's service territory.

Qualifying projects should have an initial capital investment of at least $1million, create at least 50 jobs or add at least 20,000 sq. ft. of new floor area. These funds are not available to support retail projects.

Applications for these funds will be accepted on an ongoing basis. However, distribution of funds are based upon available funds, which are received on a quarterly basis.

Some of the criteria which will be used to help identify and qualify the suitability of projects for funding include:

  • Level of investment
  • Number of jobs created
  • Wages
  • Project location
  • Demonstration of support and need
  • Level of competition
  • Additional funding assistance from other sources

Columbia Gas of Ohio is partnering closely on this program with the Ohio Development Services Agency, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio and the Office of the Ohio Consumers' Counsel.

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