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Jobs Growth Q&A

Q: What are eligible projects for these funds?

A: Eligible projects are expansion of existing manufacturing, distribution, research and development, back-office and other related enterprises within Columbia Gas of Ohio's service territory or those considering locating in Columbia Gas of Ohio's service territory.

Q: What are ineligible projects for these funds?

A: Retail projects are expressly prohibited. Also, generally those operations which may be relocating within the state of Ohio are ineligible.

Q: Are there other criteria for eligible projects?

A: Yes, generally the program is designed to support operations which make a capital investment of at least $1 million, create at least 50 jobs or add at least 20,000 sq. ft. of new floor area.

Q: Does the program support small businesses?

A: Yes, small businesses are eligible to apply. Small businesses, for the purpose of this program are defined as those who employ less than 50 people, have been in existence for a minimum of three years, who plan to add a minimum of 10 jobs, with wages of at least 175% of the federal minimum wage.

Q: Are the funds distributed under this program a loan for which Columbia Gas expects repayment?

A: No, the funds granted under this program are meant to incentivize new job creating investment within Columbia's service territory. Repayment is not expected. Funds will be distributed based upon the submittal of invoices from the grantee.

Q: What are eligible uses of the funds under this program?

A: The funds may be used to offset costs associated with new projects and existing company expansions. These funds may not be used to offset the costs associated with natural gas utility infrastructure improvements.

Q: How many grants per year will be made under this program?

A: Columbia Gas of Ohio plans to award 2-4 industry and regional diverse grants per year. It is the intention of Columbia Gas to maximize the use of these funds through a reasonable distribution of funds over the next 24 months. Columbia Gas of Ohio reserves the right to spread the use of these funds over this period of time.

Q: How may I apply for these funds?

A: If you are located in the Columbia Gas of Ohio service territory and would like to find out more about applying for these funds, please contact Columbia Gas by filling out a Contact Us Form.