Pipeline Improvement

Pipeline Improvement

Pipeline Improvement

As your natural gas distribution company, our top priority is the safe and dependable delivery of natural gas service to your home or business.

We constantly study our gas pipeline system to be sure it meets our service expectations - in neighborhoods both old and new. As a service to our valued customers, we will be replacing portions of our pipeline system in communities across Ohio to ensure the safest, most reliable delivery of natural gas to all of our customers. These projects are part of Columbia's plans to invest more than $2 billion in the next 25 years, replacing 4,000 miles of natural gas infrastructure.

Q&A about pipeline projects (video)

Map of projects around Ohio

A closer look at a pipeline replacement project

Why are we replacing pipelines?

The pipelines that bring natural gas down your street and into your home or business are often steel pipe. Just like other important parts of the infrastructure in our communities, such as highways and bridges, the age and condition of these facilities can impact their safety and reliability. While your current system has performed well, it is now time to replace this aging pipe, usually with much longer-lasting, specially designed, plastic pipe.

A graphic of the gas pipeline system and connection to your home or business is shown below. You will receive information at your home or business during construction regarding any work at your address.

We know you will have many questions and we intend to answer all of them. In addition to this information, you can reference commonly asked Pipeline Improvement FAQs, as well as some facts about each project listed in the Pipeline Projects section.

The graphic below shows a typical gas pipeline system in a neighborhood. The main line carries natural gas in pipes under the street or alley. A connection at each house or business allows gas to flow into the customer service line and into the building.


As the project occurs in your neighborhood, the following steps will occur:

  1. REPLACE the main gas pipeline. This pipe usually runs underneath your street or alley.
  2. REPLACE the customer service line - the pipe that runs from the main gas pipeline to your home or business.
  3. RELOCATE any indoor gas meters to the outside of the home or business. (If the meter already is outside your home or business, this step will not be necessary. Relocating your meter eliminates the risk of shut-off due to access issues, and provides first responders with easy access to your meter in an emergency. This is a safety enhancement and a convenience to our customers).

We realize a project of this size might cause some inconveniences to you and we apologize for any disruption. But when it is done, your neighborhood will have the most modern, safe and reliable gas- delivery system. We appreciate your patience and understanding.