Community News

Community News

Our New Home for Safety

Learning skills at our training centerWe’ve opened one of the most advanced training centers in the nation with one goal in mind: keeping customers and communities safe. 

New and seasoned employees experience real-world situations in a safe and controlled environment. Experienced trainers provide guidance as employees learn the many skills they need. A combination of simulations, hands-on training and scenarios prepares employees for emergencies, as well as the daily work of providing you with safe and reliable service. 

Facilities include a Safety Town, a simulated neighborhood where employees face a wide variety of challenges they will encounter on the job. In weeks of training, they will encounter conditions that experienced employees may not see in years of service.

Emergency responders

In addition to training employees, our employees work beside fire and police departments, community officials, contractors and customers to simulate emergency situations. With this flexibility, employees and community officials can work together in a controlled and safe environment as they sharpen skills and develop new approaches to problem solving.