Natural Gas Line Replacement

Natural Gas Line Replacement

How We'll Restore Your Property

Putting things back together is incredibly important to us. Our goal is to ensure the construction area is safe until permanent repairs can be made. We appreciate your patience as we work through the restoration process explained below.

Temporary Patching

After we complete the installation of the main and service lines at your home or business, we may put a temporary patch in place on your streets and sidewalks. This patch will be installed as soon as possible after construction is complete on the area.

Permanent Paving and Concrete

A few weeks after your service installation, our crews will begin the permanent replacement or repair on your streets and sidewalks. This may include concrete or asphalt.

Lawn Restoration

Once permanent paving and concrete are in place and setting, our crews will begin restoration of grass, plants and flower beds. This will include filling holes with dirt and reseeding the grass throughout the project area.