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Columbia Gas has Responsibility for Customer Service Lines

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) has shifted responsibility for installing and maintaining customer service lines from the customer to Columbia Gas. This means Columbia is now responsible for installing new service lines (including the meter setting), as well as repair or replacement of service lines, from the main to the outlet of the meter.

Only Columbia or its agent may install service lines (including the meter setting), relocate the service line at the customer’s request, or upgrade the service line due to a load increase (e.g. installation of a natural gas-fired generator).

Customers are still responsible for installing and maintaining house lines (all lines downstream of the outlet of the meter).

Only Columbia or its agent may establish new gas service or re-establish service after house line repairs.

Columbia Gas will be replacing all prone to failure risers over a three year period. A customer with a prone to failure riser who wishes to have it replaced immediately may have the replacement done by a DOT Operator Qualified plumber. The customer should call Columbia before replacement work is started. 

Standards and Materials

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Operator Qualification

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Prefab and Meter Setting Drawings

New Business Services

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