Home Performance Solutions

Home Performance Solutions

In-home Energy Audit for only $50

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What You Get

  • Customized plan for lowering your energy usage
  • Free programmable thermostat (where needed)
  • Free energy efficient shower head (where needed)
  • Safety check on gas appliances
  • Generous discounts on insulation, air sealing and high-efficiency furnace

How It Works

  • A Home Energy Auditor will conduct a thorough visual inspection of your home, test gas appliances for safety, and perform tests to assess insulation levels, air leaks, and gas heating equipment efficiency.
  • Your auditor will provide you with more information on your estimated utility savings and discounts available for qualified energy efficiency improvements.
  • Have a participating contractor install qualifying energy-efficiency improvements and receive discounts for the work done. For a list of participating contractors please call 1-877-644-6674.

Do I Qualify?

  • Available only to Columbia Gas of Ohio customers with gas-heated homes.
  • Homes that use 1,000 Ccf of Natural gas or more per year (check your bill) are ideal
  • Homes built before 1975 will benefit most

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