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Payment & Billing Options

Customer CHOICE® Program FAQ

How will I know if I'm eligible to participate?

You are an eligible customer if you use less than 6,000 Mcf of natural gas annually, or you are a human needs customer regardless of annual consumption. Not sure if you're eligible? Contact us.

What standards must natural gas suppliers meet?

To qualify for the Customer CHOICE® Program, all suppliers must agree to a Code of Conduct, which requires them to:

  • Clearly communicate customers' rights and responsibilities
  • Refrain from fraudulent practices
  • Submit to a credit check
  • Provide a means to resolve disputes between the supplier and the customer

What if I have a dispute with the supplier?

First, contact the supplier and try to find a solution. If the supplier fails to make a good-faith attempt to negotiate or resolve customer complaints, Columbia has the right to terminate the supplier's participation in the CHOICE® Program. If a supplier does not live up to your contract, you can always switch to the Standard Choice Offer (SCO) or to another supplier. Columbia will not terminate or interrupt the delivery of gas to you as a result of a dispute between you and the supplier. The PUCO can also help customers resolve disputes.

What if I fail to honor the agreement with the supplier?

You should realize that you're signing a contractual agreement, and you must honor the terms. Be sure to read all of the contract carefully to understand your rights to change suppliers or cancel under reasonable circumstances, such as relocation to an area where the program isn't available. Also, be aware of any cancellation fees that might apply. Suppliers can terminate the agreement for non-payment and stop supplying gas to you, but must provide at least 30-days written notice of termination. In this event, you will be transitioned to the Standard Choice Offer (SCO). If you have any questions, ask for answers in writing before you sign a contract with a supplier.

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