Payment & Billing Options

Payment & Billing Options

Protect Yourself from Scams, Fraud and Imposters

Don’t fall victim to scams or fraud. The first step to protecting yourself is to recognize suspicious activity. This can take many forms, such as:

  • Someone pretending to be a Columbia Gas employee or contractor to gain access to your home
  • A company claiming to be Columbia Gas or associated with us to solicit your personal information or sell their products and services over the telephone or through the mail
  • Emails or websites that appear to be from Columbia Gas and require you to provide personal information

How to protect yourself

  • Ask to see the photo identification badge or work request number from suspicious individuals on your property who claim to be Columbia Gas employees or contractors
  • Do not allow anyone into your home if you feel suspicious, unsure or confused as to why they are there
  • Do not provide personal information over the phone unless you called us
  • Ignore any suspicious claims to provide personal information such as bank account numbers, user names and passwords, credit card numbers or Social Security number
  • Delete suspicious emails that require you to act immediately to verify or provide personal information. If you are unsure about the legitimacy of any e-mail, phone call, programs or offers claiming to be affiliated with Columbia Gas, please call your local police. To inquire about suspicious account activity, call us at 1-800-344-4077.
  • Delete any emails from utilities with whom you’re not a customer
  • Do not respond to suspicious emails. Responding often results in even more spam and scam attempts directed at you
  • Do not trust contact information provided in suspicious emails

Always ask to see photo identification

Most Columbia Gas employees drive clearly marked vehicles that are easy to identify and wear branded uniforms. Columbia Gas employees NEVER deliver cash refunds, rebates, or collect money at customers' homes -- all account transactions are handled electronically or through the mail.

Our employees and contractors carry photo identification and will gladly show it upon request. Ask to see it before allowing anyone who claims to be a utility representative into your home. Be sure to report any suspicious activity to your local police.