Converting To Natural Gas

Converting To Natural Gas

Convert to Natural Gas and Save Money

Now is a great time to convert to natural gas. Natural gas prices are the lowest and the most stable in nearly a decade.  Based on recent pricing, you could save up to 50 percent or more compared to other heating sources  when you convert to natural gas heat!  You may also qualify for rebates ranging from $300 to $350 when you install a qualifying high-efficiency heating system in your home!

You may qualify for a FREE gas service line!

If you have a Columbia Gas of Ohio natural gas pipeline running in front of your property, when you become a Columbia Gas customer, you're eligible to receive the installation of a gas service line - FREE of charge!  We not only install gas service lines, we also maintain and repair them if necessary and at no direct cost to you.

Consider Converting to Natural Gas

Clean: Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel, helping to reduce our carbon footprint. Learn more about the environmental benefits of natural gas. 

Efficient: When you use natural gas, 90% of what is delivered to your home is considered useful energy, as opposed to electricity, which, according to the Department of Energy, loses more than two-thirds of its usable energy in its generation and transmission from the producer to your home.

Cost Effective: You can save energy and money when you convert to a high-efficiency natural gas heating system and high-efficiency hot water heater.

Contact Information

To learn if natural gas is available to you, simply fill out the Is Natural Gas Available? form.  A Columbia gas representative will contact you within two business days. To speak with a Columbia Gas representative
call: 1-800-440-6111 Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

Learn More

Watch the video below to learn more about converting to natural gas.

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