Stay Safe

Stay Safe

Dig Safely - Call 811Ground Rules for 811 page

Before you put that shovel into the ground for your next household project, stay safe and remember these important ground rules.

  • Plan ahead. Call 811 at least two business days before you plan to dig. Utilities will mark their lines so you can dig safely.
  • Call for projects big and small. Everything from putting up a mailbox or building a deck to planting a bush or hedge – they all require a call to 811.
  • Tell your contractor. If you have a contractor on your property, make sure he or she calls 811 before starting the job.
  • It’s free.
  • It’s easy.
  • It’s the law. 

Following these simple ground rules will ensure you keep not only you, your family and your neighborhood safe, but it will also ensure your next DIY project is a success.

Pipeline Markers and Rights of Way

Natural gas pipelines are sometimes identified by markers placed at intervals along pipeline rights of way. While the markers are helpful for indicating the presence of pipelines in the area, they don't show the exact location, depth, or how many pipelines are in the right-of-way. Don't rely solely on the presence or absence of a pipeline marker. Always call 811 before you dig. Columbia Gas of Ohio and other utilities will mark their underground lines.

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