Stay Safe

Stay Safe

Detect Natural Gas

Smell and Tell

Trust your senses to detect natural gas, and be ready to take action.


  • We add a distinctive “rotten egg” smell. Make sure everyone in the family knows this smell.


  • A damaged connection to a gas appliance
  • Dirt or water being blown into the air
  • Bubbles in water over or near a gas line
  • Dead or dying vegetation (in an otherwise moist area) over or near a gas line
  • A fire or explosion near a pipeline
  • Exposed pipeline after an earthquake, fire, flood or other disaster


  • An unusual sound, such as a hissing, whistling, or roaring sound near a gas line or appliance

Take action

If you think you have detected a natural gas leak:
  • Inside: Get out immediately.
  • Outside: Turn off and abandon any motorized equipment you might be using. Leave the area quickly.
  • From a safe location, away from the building, call 911 and Columbia Gas of Ohio at 1-800-344-4077.
  • Wait for our service crew to arrive.
  • Don't light a match or candle, or operate anything that could cause a spark, including cell phones, lights, appliances, flashlights, power tools, etc. Don't open the windows and doors in an attempt to ventilate.