Stay Safe

Digger Dog® Wants You to Stay Safe!

Digger Dog® is here to tell you about natural gas safety. If there’s anything he likes more than sniffing the ground and digging up bones, it’s teaching kids to “smell and tell” and “call 811 before you dig.”

Smell and Tell

Did you know natural gas smells like rotten eggs? P-U! Kids, if you smell natural gas:
  1. Tell an adult
  2. Leave the area
  3. Call Columbia Gas (1-800-344-4077) and 911 

Call 811 Before You Dig

Digger Dog® loves to dig up bones – after all, he’s a dog! But before he starts digging, he always calls 811.

Calling 811 tells Columbia Gas and other utilities to mark their lines, so Digger Dog® won’t dig them up. It’s fast, easy and free.

Digger Dog® wants to stay safe, and you can, too. Call 811 before you dig.

Coloring Book

The Digger Dog® Coloring Book has lots of fun pictures, and you can learn how to stay safe.