Ways To Save

Ways To Save

Take Control of Your Energy Use

Make saving energy easy with Columbia Gas of Ohio. We offer a number of ways you can conserve energy, save money and have year-round comfort in your home or business through our energy efficiency programs.

Savings for Your Home

Ways to Save Home

Online Home Energy Checkup
Complete a free, five-minute online home energy checkup and receive a personalized report on your home’s energy efficiency and tips on how to save energy. 

Home Energy Audit
Receive a comprehensive audit of your home’s energy efficiency by a trained energy advisor. You’ll also receive generous discounts when you install recommended energy-saving upgrades.

Income-eligible customers can receive free home weatherization through our WarmChoice® program.

Appliance Rebates
Receive instant rebates when purchasing a high-efficiency furnace, boiler or hot water heater.

Product Rebates
Receive instant rebates on energy-saving programmable thermostats (including smart thermostats), showerheads and faucet aerators.

Building a new home? Work with a builder in our EfficiencyCrafted Homes program for improved energy savings, high quality construction and comfort that you can enjoy from the day you move in.

Student Energy Education
Get training and lab materials to instruct hands-on, energy-saving lessons at no cost.

Savings for Business

Small Business Construction
Businesses constructing or gut rehabbing up to 20,000 square feet of space can receive incentives to reduce natural gas usage.

Existing Facility Improvements
Businesses, municipal facilities and institutions can benefit from rebates for energy audits and facility improvements that reduce natural gas usage.