Ways to Save

Ways to Save

Get an In-Home Energy Audit for Only $50

Your money, safety and comfort are vital to us. For only $50, you get an in-home energy audit through our Home Performance Solutions program with customized recommendations to improve the energy efficiency of your home and reduce your energy use. Plus, generous discounts when you take action on those recommendations.

The Perks

  • Money – Your customized recommendations become your roadmap to savings. These recommendations can reduce the amount of heat escaping your home and put a few extra dollars back in your pocket.
  • Discounts – You won’t find discounts like this anywhere else. Take advantage of the generous discounts on insulation, air sealing and higher efficiency furnaces.
  • Comfort – Your energy advisor will pinpoint the source beyond your drafts and cold rooms, giving you the chance to eliminate them for good and gain year-round comfort.
  • Safety – Your energy advisor will evaluate your natural gas appliances, and check for gas leaks and carbon monoxide in your home.
  • Freebies – You may also receive a free programmable thermostat and energy efficient showerhead, if needed in your home.

Is This Program Right For Me?

You can save the most if your home is gas-heated, you use more than 1,000 Ccf of natural gas or more per year and your home was built before 1975. Both homeowners and renters are eligible for Home Performance Solutions.

Schedule Your Appointment

Take charge of your energy use and save with Home Performance Solutions. Call 1-877-644-6674 or email us to schedule your appointment.

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