Billing & Payment Options

Billing & Payment Options

Understanding Your Energy Delivery Bill

Columbia Gas of Ohio's network of underground pipelines is there to serve our customers 365 days a year – whether you need natural gas for heating, a warm shower, cooking or clothes drying.

Columbia Gas employees are hard at work all year long repairing or replacing lines, responding to emergencies, performing safety inspections and providing customer service.

Our costs to serve you don't change with the seasons, and neither should our energy delivery charges.

Until recently, customers paid the most for energy delivery during the months when gas usage peaks. This made customers' highest winter bills even higher, forcing them to dig deeper at a time of the year when budgets are already stretched. Today we have a fixed customer charge which remains the same each month, making bills more stable and predictable.

You may notice during the summer months that your bill is higher than it used to be because of this change, but this evens out during winter when delivery charges are lower.  

Customers who disconnect service and then reconnect at the same address will be billed a reconnection fee of $52 to cover the cost of the trip, and we'll need access to your home for a safety inspection prior to re-establishing service.

Gas costs are still based on usage, and reducing your usage can save you money. Columbia's energy-efficiency programs offer tools and rebates to help you use less gas. For more information, visit Save Energy & Money!.