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About Us

Delivering Quality Customer Service Across Ohio

At Columbia Gas of Ohio, we strive to provide outstanding customer service. Read what some of our customers have said about how our employees and programs add value to their safe, reliable natural gas service.

Crew Commendation

Unfortunately, mediocrity in business today is so commonplace.  You have an excellent remedy to that in one of your employees.

My husband so kindly purchased a new electric dryer and washer for me over Christmas.  The salespeople at Lowe's told me that I could just "disconnect" the gas myself and cap it off.  Sounded easy enough, but I found when I turned the gas off at the dryer connection, I did smell a gas odor and immediately called Columbia.  I have always appreciated your help in the past for different calls, but this time a real "angel" of a guy came out.

He not only was prompt (approximately responded about 15 minutes) but he took charge of the situation and acted to check for gas and then proceeded to go above and beyond the call of duty to help disconnect the fitting, and cap it off for me. My husband is confined to a wheelchair and I so appreciated this extra special attention. Usually, small odd jobs fall on me, and since I'm not sure about gas handling, he assured me that it would be fine.

We had a conversation about how the younger "kids" of today don't always give that little extra, and since we are about the same age, I know just what he is talking about. I sure appreciate that there are still gentlemen like him on the job, and you should be extra proud, since he works for you.

Again, a pat on the back does not seem to suffice, but this man sure deserves some extra kudos from us.  Thank you again for sending such a special guy to help me out.

Very kindly,
A Dublin Customer  

Emergency Response Call

I reported a gas leak at my home last Wednesday and wanted to thank the entire crew responsible for taking such quick action, from the young lady who took my emergency call, to the Columbia Gas technician who was at our home within one hour, and also the repair crew. 

What a comfort it is to know that emergencies are handled so quickly and professionally.  What outstanding employees!  Please be sure to share this.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you... we appreciate you!

A Strongsville Customer 

Replacement of Natural Gas Risers

The men who were here to replace the riser did a great job. They were completely professional and very courteous.

I was particularly impressed with the men who restored gas service. There was a leak at a joint in a very tight spot. He made a great effort to correct it. He deserves a bonus!

A Mansfield customer

Testimony During the Recent Columbia Gas of Ohio Rate Case

First, I am encouraged Columbia has agreed to increase funding to the low-income WarmChoice weatherization program. This program has reduced energy consumption by an average of 28 percent. These savings are not one-time savings, but are ongoing and amount to about $400 per year. I am hopeful the proposed agreement Columbia has signed will be approved so additional savings can be realized by customers here in Lorain County and across the state.

Second, I sincerely hope the new energy efficiency program Columbia has proposed is also approved. This program will help many of our clients reduce their energy consumption, too, even if they are above the low-income guidelines of the WarmChoice program. Many times, I hear of a client that wasn’t eligible for an assistance program because they were just slightly above the income guidelines. This new program will be available to all residential customers of Columbia and small business customers, too. This will help many of my people who make too much for some assistance programs, but are struggling financially, too. Our people who have small businesses will benefit as they save energy costs and allow them to be more competitive. I ask you to please consider these programs – programs that provide opportunities for customers to save significant money on their energy bills – and I ask you to please render your decision so our clients can begin saving on their bills this winter.

Third, I welcome the shift in maintenance and repair responsibility of customer service lines and risers to Columbia Gas. This will improve safety in the community and for my people, who often times don’t have large sums of money available for these repairs.

Last, I want to thank Columbia for their increasing efforts to communicate with Spanish-speaking consumers. Currently, certain Columbia communications either include information in Spanish or are available entirely in Spanish or Somali. The Columbia contact centers utilize a simultaneous translation service whenever a non-English speaking customer calls. The customer has the ability to establish a conference call immediately, so that an interpreter can speak to the customer and the Columbia service representative.

Also, the telephone system includes a Spanish option on the main menu that connects callers with a service representative immediately so they don't have to try to navigate the telephone system.

Victor Leandry
Executive Director of El Centro de Servicios Sociales
Lorain, OH

From the Salvation Army

We (at the Salvation Army) have had a long-standing professional relationship with Columbia Gas. We are pleased they chose us years ago to administer their HeatShare program. The funding from this program comes from private donations and matching funds from Columbia Gas. These funds are provided to the Salvation Army Corps across Columbia’s 60-county service area to be used for fuel assistance needs. Often times, HeatShare is the last resort for many individuals and families to maintain their utility service.

The shift to Columbia of the maintenance responsibility for the customer service lines located in the yards of many consumers and prone-to-fail risers, will certainly benefit our brothers and sisters, who many times don’t have the financial means to pay for the needed safety repairs for these lines. Many of our clients live in rented homes and apartments. They frequently have to rely on their landlords to have the financial means to make necessary repairs to comply with safety regulations. Landlords are also challenged with having money to pay for these repairs, putting tenants at risk. Now that Columbia is charged with that responsibility, this burden has been lifted and no longer will our clients have to worry about facing large unexpected repair bills for these expenses. Spreading the costs of this program across all customers is the most desirable of all options.

We have recently been faced with overwhelming requests for food and other basic necessities and have had a sharp increase in request for help – of all kinds. This situation is what we are faced with each and every day – brothers and sisters who have lost their jobs or are facing issues with their utilities and other family needs. The programs agreed to by Columbia will bring needed resources to our communities so our constituents can participate in energy savings programs and reduce their energy bills. Without programs such as these proposed by Columbia, our clients will continue living in homes with inefficient energy utilization resulting in higher energy bills, which only adds to the vicious circle of poverty.

Major Janet Ashcraft
Salvation Army
Cleveland, OH

From Smallwood Activities Center and Office on Aging:

Columbia’s added responsibility for prone-to-fail riser replacements and customer service line repair is good news to many seniors. No longer will we have to try to find the financial resources for those seniors who had to replace a leaking customer service line to keep gas service delivered to their home safely. Columbia will now have this responsibility and without an unexpected and possibly high bill for the resident.

Columbia’s proposed Energy Efficiency Program will also be a boost not only to our seniors, but also to all residents of Parma. The projected savings of over $100 million dollars is huge, especially if some of the savings is realized by our seniors. Investments in energy saving measures usually are sustainable and help customers by reaping savings for many winters to come.

I’m also excited about Columbia’s commitment to increase funding for their low-income weatherization program, WarmChoice. With a growing population of seniors on fixed incomes, this increased investment will only expand the opportunities for some of our seniors who are income qualified for these benefits, to also participate in the energy savings incentives offered by Columbia.

JoAnn Mason,
Director, Donna Smallwood Activities Center and Office on Aging
Parma, OH

Appreciation for special programs:

I was hesitant to order, but the whole experience turned out to be wonderful! I am very pleased with the order, the product, and the installation.  You should have more specials like this!  Thank you.

Satisfied Customer - Showerhead Replacement Program - Simple Energy Solutions

Thank you for providing the discount , especially on the shower head. It was much cheaper than buying a new water heater!

Satisfied Customer - Simple Energy Solutions

Officials from Columbia have met with me to discuss the WarmChoice program and additional programs Columbia has agreed to, which I believe will help many residents, including some landlords.

Columbia has agreed to offer a new Energy Efficiency Program, for all residential customers, regardless of income level. This is in addition to their agreement to increase funding for my favorite WarmChoice program. Add to that, $3 million dollars from shareholders to boost heating assistance for low-income customers.

These efficiency programs are designed to save consumers over $100 million dollars. These savings are significant.

Anne Molnar,
Lorain, OH