How we give back

Columbia Cares logoWe’re focused on strengthening the communities where we live and work. Through contributions and employee volunteerism, we strive to make a difference and improve quality of life for our families, friends and neighbors.

Columbia invests in Ohio and the 1.4 million customers we serve. Our vision is to impact and contribute to life-changing organizations — programs that keep us safe, provide food and shelter to those in need, promote economic growth and workforce development, and support energy education. We share in the goal of seeing sustainable growth in our communities and pride ourselves on being good ambassadors.

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Voiceover: In Ohio, we stand together. Neighbor to neighbor, heart to heart. Columbia Gas of Ohio fuels the communities of our great state. From the foothills of Appalachia, to the close knit communities of our cities, to the wide expanses of buckeye country, we are as diverse as our landscape. Columbia Cares. We bring food to the hungry, we ensure the safety of those we love, and we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to reach their potential. We do all this not because it's the right thing to do, though it is. We do it because we believe that nobody wins unless all of us win. One company, keeping you warm and safe, bringing energy and hope into your world. That's who we are. That's Columbia Gas of Ohio.

What we fund

Columbia Cares provides grants to 501(c)3 organizations located within our service territory. We give preference to organizations that align with one or more of our four impact areas, has high potential for employee engagement or where an employee is a board member.

Impact areas
  • Safety: Emergency assistance, disaster preparedness, accident prevention, first aid, safety education, and natural gas safety
  • Economic and Workforce Development: Creation of sustainable business development and employment opportunities.
  • Energy Education & Environment: STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), natural gas education, energy conservation and sustainability initiatives
  • Hardship Assistance: Hunger, housing and heating assistance.
We don’t provide funding in these areas:
  • Organizations that are not 501(c)3 charities
  • Organizations outside of our service territory
  • Individual primary or secondary schools (K-12)
  • Non-academic school activities, like proms, choirs or graduations
  • Social clubs, including sororities or fraternities
  • Individuals for any purpose
  • Athletes, teams or sporting events
  • Fashion shows, animal shows, pageants or talent competitions
  • Religious or sectarian organizations, unless engaged in a significant project benefiting the entire community
  • Organizations that discriminate against any person or group for any reason
  • Political candidates, committees or organizations
  • Publications, displays, advertising, audio or video productions

Columbia Cares limits the amount of capital campaigns and annual events/fundraisers we support each year. These types of requests will be handled on a case by case basis. To be considered, organizations must provide assistance within our service territory, align with one or more of our four impact areas and have a Columbia Gas employee serving on their board.

When we fund:

We accept one application per group per our fiscal year (January 1-December 31). There are four annual deadlines for grant applications.

  • March 31 (at 11:59pm EST): All applications received between January 1 – March 31 will receive a response by the end of May.
  • June 30 (at 11:59pm EST): All applications received between April 1 – June 30 will receive a response by the end of August.
  • September 30 (at 11:59pm EST): All applications received between July 1 – September 30 will receive a response by the end of November.
  • December 31 (at 11:59pm EST): All applications received between October 1 – December 31 will receive a response by the end of March.
Submit an application or invoice

Please submit your organization's completed W-9 form and non-discrimination policy with your application. 

Apply Today

For more information on Columbia Cares or other grant funding, contact Ellen Macke at

Have an emergency?

If you smell gas, think you have a gas leak, have carbon monoxide symptoms or have some other emergency situation, go outside and call 911 and then call us at 1-800-344-4077.