About Us

About Us

Building an Inclusive and Diverse Workplace

We believe an inclusive and diverse company begins with a workforce that respects the dignity of all people. At Columbia Gas of Ohio, we continue to build an inclusive and diverse workplace through a variety of initiatives including recruiting and employee-retention programs, employee development, community outreach and supply chain diversity.

Our Inclusion and Diversity Philosophy

Diversity is much more than just race or gender. It includes diversity of thought, life experience, culture, ability, generation, sexual orientation and more. A diverse workplace brings different ideas and different perspectives that foster more creative problem solving and new ideas. It is inclusive, not exclusive.

What this Philosophy Means to Columbia Gas of Ohio

To us, diversity means understanding and recognizing that each individual is unique, while inclusion is the ability to embrace the uniqueness of each individual. This provides our workforce the opportunity to establish a sense of belonging and a feeling of respect for one another.

Employee-Driven Inclusion and Diversity

Our employee-driven Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) program is the embodiment of our philosophy. Employees serve on one state council and five regional councils where they plan and execute employee-awareness activities and community-outreach events. Our I&D councils also work with local non-profits to identify customer needs in the 61 communities we serve. These councils actively participate in our strategic-contribution process by making recommendations on where our time and donations should be applied.

Our Open Invitation to You

We invite you to explore how our inclusion and diversity initiatives help make Columbia Gas of Ohio a meaningful and valued career opportunity for men and women of all backgrounds.

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