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Columbia Cares

Our Mission

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Columbia invests in Ohio and the 1.4 million customers we serve. Our vision is to impact and contribute to life-changing organizations. Programs that keep us safe, provide food and shelter to those in need, promote economic growth and workforce development, and energy education. We share in the goal of seeing sustainable growth in our communities and pride ourselves on bring good ambassadors.

What We Fund

Columbia Cares provides grants to 501(c)3 organizations located within our service territory. We give preference to organizations that align with one of our four impact areas and/or has high employee engagement or a board member.

Columbia Cares Focus Areas (2)

  • Safety: Emergency assistance, disaster preparedness, accident prevention, first aid, safety education, and natural gas safety
  • Economic and Workforce Development: Creation of sustainable business development and employment opportunities. Includes gas infrastructure and overall community vitality
  • Energy Education: STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), natural gas education, energy conservation and initiatives
  • Hardship Assistance: Hunger, housing and social services

Check out our Giving Guidelines to see if you qualify for a grant.

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For more information on Columbia Cares or other grant funding, contact Kate Bauer, Community Engagement Manager, at