United Way Programs

United Way Giving

Columbia Gas is actively engaged in helping the United Way of Central Ohio continue the important work of educating the community about the poverty afflicting many of our residents, and the pathways out of poverty that United Way and its member agencies offer to those in need.

The Facts

Poverty is real and it’s here – in every community in central Ohio. In Franklin County, one in five families with children lives in poverty. Thirty-six percent of Franklin County residents live on incomes insufficient to meet basic living expenses. Franklin County’s 558 high school dropouts in 2010-11 gave up an estimated $5.4 million in lost annual wages!

Eventually, that impacts everybody.

The Solution

There are solutions to poverty. There are success stories. We can do something about it. But we all need to be a part of the solution.          

The Challenge

We hope to challenge central Ohioans – businesses, individuals, families – not to accept poverty as an unfortunate fact of life we can’t do anything about. Since poverty ultimately impacts all of us, we hope to encourage and motivate everybody to get involved in addressing poverty.

The Goals

We hope to try some different things to help accomplish these goals.

  • We want to raise awareness of both the problem of poverty, and the pathways out of poverty that exist. We will talk a lot about the social and economic impacts of poverty in central Ohio.
  • We will advocate for more groups to get involved as partners.
  • We will issue a strong call for volunteers – especially among our young people.
  • We will share success stories.

We hope to create a critical mass of awareness and involvement that won’t end with this campaign, but will be the platform for an ongoing focus in our community on pathways out of poverty.    

For more information on United Way programs and how you may help, visit LiveUnitedCentralOhio.org.

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