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Volunteering to make Ohio greener

Monday, May 08, 2017

811 gloves and treeColumbia Gas of Ohio employees in the Heartland service area and members of the NiSource Environmental Action Team (NEAT) recently joined with other organizations to help celebrate Arbor Day by participating in the Great Ohio Planting Day at Mohican State Park.

Thanks to a partnership between Columbia Gas of Ohio, Keep Ohio Beautiful, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Davey Tree, and the Mohican Lodge and Conference Center, over 120 trees were planted in areas of the park affected by the emerald ash bore. 

"This was our second event of the year and everyone was thrilled to participate and had a great time despite the inclement weather," said Executive State Sponsor of NEAT Ohio Chuck Mannix. "I am very proud to join the seventeen employee volunteers, along with friends and family, who braved the rainy conditions to help make this event a success."

Overall, more than 50 volunteers worked at various locations around Mohican State Park to plant trees made possible by a donation from Columbia Gas. Volunteers were supplied with shovels, gloves, t-shirts, food, beverages, and other items needed to dig holes and plant the trees. Through most of the day, the weather was rainy and cold; however the volunteers at the event made sure to complete their tree planting goals so that future generations may enjoy the fruits of their labor.