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Abandoned puppy rescued during thunderstorm

Tuesday, May 23, 2017
It was pouring down rain when Jerry Cleaver, Columbia Gas of Ohio field and serviceAbel plays with his toys technician, was finishing up a call. He had parked in what he thought was a vacant lot across the street to complete paperwork when he noticed something moving in the beam of his headlights. 

He got out to investigate and discovered a dog tangled in barbed wire tied to a nearby bush. It had been raining all night, and the collarless pup was soaked to the bone. “I have two dogs of my own, so I immediately called the office to see how we could help,” said Jerry.

Columbia Gas then contacted animal control but was told that if the dog were taken in, it would most likely be put down.

At that moment Jerry knew he only had one option, and that was to find the dog a new home. After a trip to the vet, he was talking with some friends about the 5-month old boxer mix, and right away they wanted to adopt him.  

“My friends have some land, a young son, and two other dogs, so I knew it would be a good fit. As soon as everyone met and got along that was it,” stated Jerry. “I did try to get them to name him Digger, but they decided to go with Abel instead.” 

Abel, the dog, now spends his days happily playing with his new family, thanks to Jerry’s dedicated actions.