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The road less traveled may just save a life!

Monday, June 26, 2017

We are often creatures of habit. Many of us have our same routines and routes when Bihn and Ankney Toledo Techicians Call for Helpwe drive to work each day. Stop by the same coffee shop….or take the same highway or roads each day.

The same holds true for our field workers. But thankfully a few weeks ago….Columbia Gas of Ohio Field Technicians Mark Bihn and Chris Ankney decided to go a different route one day.

“We were out doing work one morning in Toledo. Typically, we’d travel on the highway to get to our next stop. But that day, for some reason we decided to take some local roads,” said Ankney.

“Looking back, now we know what the reason was. In the field and on the roads, we are always taught to be aware of surroundings. About a ½ mile up the road, we noticed a truck in someone’s yard. It wasn’t in the road at all. I even joked to Chris ‘Hey, that’s not a parking spot,’” said Bihn.

As the two got closer, they saw the driver leaning against the window and was worried something was seriously wrong. The truck had just missed an electric pole and was resting against the cables that held the pole up.

Bihn and Ankney pulled their vehicle over and safely positioned it. Bihn, a part-time EMT/Fire Fighter, approached the vehicle with caution while Ankney called 911.

Bihn noticed the truck was still in drive and was able to open the door and put the car in park.

The man in the truck was unresponsive; but thankfully there was an ambulance just down the road that was able to arrive quickly.

The driver eventually regained consciousness but was very disorientated and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. The EMTs on the scene thanked Bihn and Ankney for taking the time to stop and help the young man.

Who knows how many other vehicles drove by that day without even noticing the car? But because Bihn and Ankney were looking ahead on the road and were aware of their surroundings, they were able to have help arrive immediately.

“It was a pretty scary situation and we weren’t exactly sure what we would encounter when we went up to the car. But, it never occurred to us to NOT to stop and help,” said Bihn.