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About Us

Video explains our GPS work

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Our GPS crews are methodically working their way through neighborhoods around Ohio, gathering information to help us keep you safe.

We’re using GPS to precisely record the location of all of our gas lines and other facilities. Sooner or later, you will see our crews in your neighborhood. We put together a video (below) to show you what to expect.  

Our GPS is nothing like the GPS in your car or your phone. When we take a reading, our GPS units typically receive signals from 10-15 satellites as well as land-based systems. Car or phone GPS is accurate to within a few yards, if you’re lucky. Our GPS system is accurate to within inches. 

That level of precision is an investment in safety. It will help us protect our underground facilities from damage by unsafe digging, which is the number one cause of natural gas emergencies. It will also improve our emergency response and maintenance.

So when you see our crews in your neighborhood, you’ll know they’re working with your safety in mind. Learn more on our GPS page.