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Tina (Maria) Duckworth is our 2017 Columbia Cares Volunteer of the Year

Friday, February 02, 2018
Maria Duckworth with dog

You can tell from Maria Duckworth’s Facebook page that she LOVES dogs. Away from work, you’ll find her volunteering for Friends of Lucas County Dogs and Lucas County Canine Care & Control, finding homes for dogs, raising money, and even helping owners care for their dogs.

Because of her tireless work in the community, Maria is our 2017 Columbia Cares Volunteer of the Year.

“Maria uses her love and passion to make a difference in her community,” said Steve Sylvester, vice president and general manager of field operations for Columbia Gas of Ohio. “Dedicated volunteers doing wonderful things in the cities where they live and work show our customers that Columbia Cares.”

Steve surprised Maria with the award in front of her co-workers at COH’s Toledo Operations Center, where Maria is an operations coordinator.

The dog pictured smiling with Maria at the ceremony is Cinci, from Lucas County Canine Care & Control. We're happy to report that Cinci was adopted that very day.

In Maria’s honor, COH contributed $5,000 to Friends of Lucas County Dogs. Their vision is to help provide all of the dogs in Lucas County with loving lifetime homes, through fundraising, outreach, enrichment and many other activities.

"I am truly honored to receive the Columbia Gas of Ohio Volunteer of the Year Award,” said Maria. “There's so many people in this company who do so much in the community that I am really humbled to receive this. And I feel like I'm blessed to work for a company that is so supportive of their employees devoting their time to the issues they are passionate about in their community. This $5,000 donation will go a long way to enrich the lives of thousands of shelter dogs that Lucas County supports each year."

Last year, Judith Mitchell received our inaugural Volunteer of the Year award for her work supporting Ronald McDonald House at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.